Who is Cardano Studio for?

Cardano Studio is built for users who want to have total control over the creation and minting process of Cardano NFTs and do so without trusting a third party in the process. In our opinion, it is a great compromise between ease-of-use and flexibility. Also, since it requires a bit more manual work, it will make you more familiar with the amazing underlying technology.

How and when is the fee paid?

The fee is included in the minting transaction itself. Therefore, you mint directly using a browser extension wallet and pay the fee within the same transaction where the minting happens.

Which wallets are supported?

Currently, we support Eternl, Yoroi, and Lace.

What is the maximum number of NFTs I can mint per collection?

Technically, there is no upper limit in the number of NFTs per collection. However, since transactions are created manually and sequentially on Cardano Studio, it is best suited for smaller to mid-sized NFT collections.

What are the costs of minting an NFT?

Cardano Studio bundles as many NFTs into a transaction as possible. Since the service fee of Cardano Studio is fixed per transaction, the cost per NFT depends on how many NFTs fit into a single transaction. Assuming a rather moderate size of metadata, at least 30 NFTs should be able to fit in a transaction. At a cost of 2 ADA / transaction, this would mean 1/15 ADA per NFT.

How is it different than NMKR or others?

We follow a different approach: while most other NFT minting services/platforms focus mainly on making the minting of NFTs as simple as possible, we believe that in Web3 we should do as much as possible on our own and not trusting too many third parties.

What are the benefits of minting myself?

First and foremost, you hold the keys which are required for minting, making it impossible for any other party to mint NFTs on your collection. Furthermore, you do not have to send ADA to another service which will then mint your collection. This is more secure because 1) you do not have to trust another service and 2) you submit the minimal number of transactions which makes you less prone to network attacks. Imagine an attack where the longest chain reverts back to the state after you sent ADA to an NFT minting service but before they started minting. In such a scenario you would not have NFTs but paid the service. Last but not least, you become more knowledgable of the Cardano NFT space and learn how things work under the hood.