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Create and Mint NFTs on Cardano with Ease and Confidence, No Coding or Trust in a Third-Party Required

Enter Cardano Studio - The Affordable NFT Creation Platform on Cardano. Unleash Your Creative Potential and Craft Various NFTs, Including Captivating Music NFTs! Benefit from Low Fees with our Optimized Transaction Bundling, Enabling Multiple NFTs in a Single Transaction. Embodying Web3 Values, We Empower Users to Shape Every Aspect of the Creation Process.

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Why Cardano Studio?


Bundling as many NFTs into a single transaction as possible.

Minimal fees

2 ADA / transaction while bundling as many NFTs into a single transaction as possible.

Music NFT Support

In addition to regular NFTs, we follow CIP 60 to support music NFTs.

No third party for minting

With Cardano Studio you get to sign and submit the transaction(s) on your own. No sending ADA to another address first.

CSV support

Use your favorite offline tool to export your NFT collection as a CSV file and simply import it in Cardano Studio. Learn more


We support royalty fees following CIP 27. Learn more


Everything is white label - no publisher metadata added. We follow the CIP 25 and CIP 60 standard.

No sign-up

We love Web3 and its values - therefore, no account is needed to mint NFTs with us.

Testnet support

Not feeling 100% confident yet? No problem, you can first mint on the preprod testnet.

Not opinionated

While we encourage decentralization, we do not force you to use IPFS for your images. Learn more